Malcolm Grandis

Here is my placeholder page for any old friends looking to re-establish contact. Enough information on M.Grandis that anybody who has known me will know that its me but not enough to be useful to the Phishers...

M Grandis

Ok so here are some keywords -

Family:Siobhan Grandis, Benjamin Grandis, Richard Grandis(Artist), Betty Grandis
Ringmer CS School. Priory School. Glyndebourne. Eastbourne. Brighton. Worthing. Isle of Wight. Moor View, Wales, Palmers Green, Potters Bar, Ewbanks. Singer Link Miles. NFi. Solent E. Space Kichens Ogri. The Vike. NFPS. London Bus. Postcode N13. Age 40-50.

Malcolm G Grandis

My email address suitably mangled to stop those horrible automated spam searchers is mattinblack at the well known hotmail dot com free email provider - and has been malcolm grandis's email address for the last 12 years or so. Get in touch but dont use messenger to try and contact Malcolm Grandis because he cannot always get to a PC!

This is the old page about Malcolm Grandis. the new one is here Malcolm Grandis

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